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On the Issues


Robert Williams is a product of public education in South Carolina. He believes that every child deserves a world class education because every child has the capacity to learn. He supports:

  • Increasing teacher pay

  • Incentivizing teachers in rural areas

  • Reducing interest rates on student loans

  • Free public community colleges and technical schools

  • Investing in apprenticeship programs


Robert Williams believes that we need to fight for everyday working-class Americans, and not the big businesses and special interest groups. He supports:

  • Promoting entrepreneurs and small business development in under-served communities

  • Increasing the minimum wage

  • Giving more support to teachers and state workers

  • Increasing pay for jobs in rural areas


Healthcare should be a right and not a privilege. Robert Williams believes that the Affordable Care Act should be expanded, strengthened, and modified, but not completely repealed to try and start all over. He supports:

  • Increasing paid sick leave

  • Increasing paid family leave

  • Reducing the cost of overpriced prescription drugs

  • Investing in senior/elderly care services

Affordable Housing

Robert Williams believes that everyone should have a decent place to live regardless of their income. In order to make sure that this goal is met, he supports investing in affordable housing and ensuring that all units are equipped with:

  • Modern air conditioning

  • Modern heating

  • Structural integrity without leaks

Gun Safety

Robert Williams is a military combat veteran and concealed weapon carrier. However, he still believes that we can have commonsense gun safety reform while upholding the Second Amendment. He supports:

  • Limiting the sale of gun accessories (bump stocks, magazines, silencers)

  • Placing a restriction on gun sales to the mentally ill and other unstable people

  • Universal background checks to keep our communities safe


Robert Williams believes that we are the stewards of mother earth. That we must protect South Carolina’s natural resources, from the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains all the way to the rolling ocean. He believes that climate change is real and that we must act to protect the environment. He supports:

  • Investing in renewable energy

  • Green jobs for low income communities

  • Preserving natural animal habitats


Robert Williams believes that all people should be treated equally under the eyes of the law. That we must prevent discrimination of all forms (based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and sexual identity, etc.). He supports:

  • Preventing discrimination by employers and landlords

  • Protecting a woman’s right to choose

  • Equal pay for equal work

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